1. Some photos from RAW RVA’s Scope that I did in Richmond, Va. What a wonderful trip.


  2. This gal is now available for online purchase. Pick up the original or a print today. More Halloween themed art in the works.


  4. I feel so flattered that someone got this tattooed on them. The design is actually something that I drew up when I was probably 17 or 18

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  5. For more paintings for purchase and viewing, please visit 


    <3 Allison Eve


  6. I am very excited to be hosting other cool artists in the Michiana area. I am greatly looking forward to checking out the art of Katie Neece. For anyone who has not done so already, check out www.facebook.com/backyardgallerysb for further updates on what shows I am helping to put together. All of these events are only made possible by coming together with other artists and with the community and I can’t believe how much awesomeness has already come from these. 

  7. Eek! 100 likes already! If you haven’t already, check out my new page for the gallery events that I have been hosting.www.facebook.com/backyardgallerysb #thebackyardgallery#backyardgallerysb




    The Backyard Gallery events are a DIY series aimed to bring the art world and public together in a casual art event in South Bend, In. 

    All types of artists are welcome to apply, please email me at allisoneve16@gmail.com for further questions or info.


  11. Hey South Bend area, I will be hosting an event this Thursday from 6-9pm featuring the art of Melina Sapiano. Please come out and support art here in your community.

  12. Nothing can describe how incredible it was to spend this weekend in Milwaukee and to be a part of the Hide House’s Gallery Night event thanks to the lovely and amazing people at Bubbler Studios. I saw and met so many incredibly talented and wonderful people. This only describes a small glimpse into how fantastic and fun this event was and the awe inspiring art that I was surrounded by. A million thanks to all who made it out. #allisoneveart #bvgn#hidehousearts #gallerynight #mke #bubblerstudios


  13. Milwaukee, are you ready to have me back? This Friday (June 6) I will be at the Hide House for Gallery Night! I am incredibly excited and thankful for being a part of this show. Join me and let’s grab a brew!

  14. die-goblin:

    My lovely new piece in my office done by allisoneve

    :)!!!! I’m so happy to see this in it’s new home. 


    Holy wow, I feel like it has been a long time since I have felt as much as an impact from a show as I have with the Bizarre Coterie Official! Thank you for everyone who has recently found me through that show, for all who came out to support me at it, and for all of you who have purchased work. Without awesome people like you I could not do what I do as an artist and I hope to see your amazing faces again with future events and endeavors. Please keep in contact with me and join me again! — feeling loved.
    Really though, it was an amazing experience. For anyone who hasn’t yet done so, please go to https://www.facebook.com/allisoneveart to follow any of my work and where I will be showing. I seriously cannot do what I do as an artist without the love and support in so many ways from you guys. Thank you all so much.